Create a podcast, without recording a thing.

Produce your next podcast simply by typing the content and Resoundly will convert it to speech. No more microphones, audio software or even re-recording your mistakes.

It’s simple to create a podcast with Resoundly

1. Type your content

Add the text of your podcast and/or even upload your own audio into the familiar podcast builder.

2. Text to Speech

Click a button and Resoundly will use AI to convert your text into life-like audio and produce a single podcast audio file.

3. Your podcast is live

Your audio file/s and podcast RSS feed are immediately available to podcast players.

An exceptionally intuitive editor to create podcasts

Type your podcast as if it were a blog

Our easy to use text editor allows you to craft your perfect podcast, and when you’re ready convert the text to audio. Or even paste in your existing blog post and let Resoundly’s AI produce the audio.

Include audio snippets, songs, tunes, jingles…

With our intuitive editor, you have the ability to upload audio files and place anywhere you desire within your episode. Whether it’s an intro jingle or even a recorded audio snippet, you have the freedom.

Voices in multiple languages, accents, genders & tones

Whether you need a voice with an Australian, British, United States or even Indian accent, Resoundly has a variety across numerous languages and tones.

Single click text-to-speech

At any time during your writing process, simply click the ‘Produce’ button to convert your text to speech.

Podcast hosting & analytics

Podcast hosting and RSS feed

Resoundly supplies all the tools you need to get your podcast up and running as quick as can be. Your files are backed by state of the art cloud storage and content delivery networks, providing superior up time and availability.

Straight-forward podcast analytics

Resoundly provides easy to read stats and graphs on your podcast’s monthly downloads, the country downloaded from and application used to download.

Host unlimited shows & episodes

Create as many podcast shows and episodes as you’d like. You aren’t charged per show, so flex your creative muscles and go create.

Invite the whole team

With Resoundly, we have team plans available so that you can invite the team to create, edit, manage and promote your podcasts.

What does it sound like?

You can listen to any of the demos via the Resoundly Demo Podcast. Simply search for ‘Resoundly Demo’ in your favourite podcast app, or visit Apple Podcasts, SpotifyPocket Casts, Google Podcasts.

Ready to create a podcast?