How do I submit my Podcast to Google Podcasts?

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Unfortunately you can’t submit your Podcast feed to Google directly. Google does what Google does best, it crawls websites and if it finds a Podcast RSS feed (linked to on a website), it’ll add that feed to Google Podcasts.

If your Podcast has been around for a while, or you’ve had a link to your Podcast RSS feed on your website (which has been indexed by Google), chances are that your Podcast is already in Google Podcasts (automatically!). You can check, by visiting the Google Podcast website and searching by your Podcast show’s name.

To help Google find your podcast, you can do two things:

Step 1. Link to your website from your RSS feed

In Resoundly, we do this for you automatically. Please ensure the website you’ve input into the show settings is correct.

Step 2. Link to your RSS feed from your website

On your website (your public facing website that’s indexed by Google), simply include a link to your Podcast’s RSS Feed. When Google next indexes your website (this varies, but it’s often about once per week), Google will pick up the link and automatically add it to Google Podcasts.

Once it’s live, Google will check the Resoundly feed periodically for new episodes and updates to existing episodes. It can sometimes take them around 2 hours to refresh the feed. Please be patient.

Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly