How do I submit my Podcast to Stitcher?

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Stitcher is a free Podcast app, that’s become a very popular alternative to the default Apple Podcasts or Google Podcast mobile apps.

Step 1. Become a Stitcher Partner

Visit Stitcher Partners and create a new account (or sign in to your existing account).

Step 2. Submit your RSS feed to Stitcher

Simply use the ‘Add Show’ button and follow the simple prompts. The Stitcher team will manually review your submission before it’s live in the Stitcher app.

Once it’s live, Stitcher will check the Resoundly feed periodically for new episodes and updates to existing episodes. It can sometimes take them around 2 hours to refresh the feed. Please be patient.

Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly