How do I submit my Podcast to Spotify?

By March 15, 2020No Comments

Spotify has started to take podcasting very seriously and is quickly becoming one of the top Podcast directories to find shows.

Step 1. Spotify for Podcasters

Visit Spotify for Podcasters and login with your Spotify Account (or create a new account).

Step 2. Submit your RSS feed to Spotify

Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and fill out the form. It’s a straight-forward process in which you:

  1. Provide and verify your RSS feed
  2. Provide Spotify specific information (eg. legal entity name, primary language, Spotify specific categories)
  3. Done!

Once it’s live, Spotify will check the Resoundly feed periodically for new episodes and updates to existing episodes. It can sometimes take them around 2 hours to refresh the feed. Please be patient.

Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly