Where can I find the number of subscribers?

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You may notice that Resoundly doesn’t show subscribers to your Podcast.

Podcasting is based on the RSS feed technology, where the podcast host serves a ‘feed’ and the audio files to a Podcast player, and the player takes over from there. As you’d expect, there’s a growing number of players out there; from default players like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, to third party options like PocketCasts and Overcast. Most players don’t share the specifics of what happens in their app. This would include ‘if’ the user subscribes to the podcast, if they play only part of the episode, pause, replay a section etc.

TLDR; unfortunately there’s no way for Resoundly (or other Podcast hosts) to accurately know how many subscribers a Podcast feed has.

You can however login to individual app platforms, to gain an understanding of subscribers. For example you can login to Apple’s iTunes (Podcast) Connect or Spotify for Podcasters to view more specific metrics on what happens within their apps.

Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly