How do I submit my Podcast to Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes)?

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Apple is the original “Podcast machine” and as such, many podcast players use the information from Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes) as their source of truth.

Therefore, it’s essential that you add your podcast to the iTunes/Apple Podcasts ecosystem.

You’re required to submit your Podcast to Apple Podcasts yourself so that you own your listing with Apple (in a similar way that app developers submit their own app to the Apple AppStore).

Step 1. Apple iTunes Connect

Visit Apple’s iTunes Connect and login with your Apple ID (or create a new account).

Step 2. Validate your Podcast (RSS) feed

Once you’ve successfully logged into Apple’s iTunes Connect, paste the ‘Podcast Feed’ URL of your Resoundly show (you can get your feed URL from your Resoundly account) into the ‘RSS Feed > URL’ field and click ‘Validate’.

Step 3. Submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts

You will see a preview of your show, including any episodes you have in the feed. Simply click ‘Submit’ if everything looks good.

It may take 24-48 hours (sometimes longer) for Apple to review and make your podcast live. They’ll email you a confirmation notification once it’s live.

Once it’s live, Apple will check the Resoundly feed periodically for new episodes and updates to existing episodes. It can sometimes take them around 2 hours to refresh the feed. Please be patient.

Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly