How does Podcasting Work?

By March 15, 2020No Comments

The following guide provides 5 simple steps to create a podcast with Resoundly.

  1. Log in to your Resoundly Account and setup your new show
  2. Use Resoundly’s intuitive editor to type the content you wish to be read for you (i.e. text-to-speech podcast). Feel free to upload any other audio (eg. a jingle, capture from your microphone) amongst your text.
  3. Save and Produce the audio. Resoundly will convert the text to speech and generate an RSS feed for your podcast.
  4. Submit your podcast’s RSS feed to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast players.
  5. Each time you create and produce a new episode, your podcast subscribers will automatically get it in their podcast player
Matt Mcnamee

Matt Mcnamee

Technical Director @ Resoundly